Excitement builds for Geobusiness 2015

Excitement builds for Geobusiness 2015

Yesterday, EBTM launched a TwitterChat to all exhibitors (who are on Twitter) at Geobusiness 2015.  The topic “Let’s get the buzz started for Geobusiness 2015”. 

Aim of the TwitterChat

  • To promote the exhibitors and what they are doing at the show, building exhibitors brand and ideas
  • Get people ‘talking’ prior to the show; you never know who knows who and what people are looking for
  • Gain new contacts
  • The content you share can enhance your personal influence

Three questions were asked by EBTM

  • Q1. What are you showcasing at Geobusiness?
  • Q2. What do you expect to get out of Geobusiness?
  • Q3. How will you know if GeoBusiness is successful?

Tweeters replied with answers A1. A2 and A3.

The results tell it all!

23 Users took part

Most influential & engaging users were

Most influential users


  • Influential means ‘top users’ by number of followers (they have following them on Twitter)
  • Most engaging users means ‘top users’ by number of retweets and favorites generated by their tweets mentioned #EBTMgeo


Most active users on the TwitterChat were:

Most active users Geospatial

Most retweeted tweets

Most retweeted tweets Geobusiness

Topcon had the most re-tweets with reference to their drinks evening.  My question would be ‘what is the impact on your Google analytics? And did you attract more people to your drinks party?

Same question to SEEABLE, Pixalytics and Co-Ordinated Surveys?  Check your Google analytics and see what has happened.  Any changes?

So, now what?  TwitterChat is all about sharing and taking about something you all have in common.  The aim is to boost brand awareness for you and Geobusiness.  Companies can then take it form here and do TwitterChats related to their own products usability, etc.