Do you have a sweet spot?

Well i’ve just landed in Yorkshire after a 6hrs journey from Aberdeen…. I took some advice last night from @jeffbullas the guru in Social Media.  He recommended some books to read so I downloaded The Element by Ken Robinson.  Since I had such a long journey I thought I would digest some new information.

Wow!  How interesting!  Ken talks about doing the things you love to do and are good at!  Having the passion for something; not just ‘I’d like to do it’.  If you have the passion you would!  Its finding your sweet spot, your ‘element’, the one thing that rocks your word.

Ken gives some amazing examples from Vidal Sassoon the hairdresser to Gillian Lynne the famous choreographer.  He talks about how their worlds changed when they figured out about themselves!  It go me thinking about me and the people I know.

What makes me get totally consumed is marketing and being creative!  Taking a product or service and seeing it grow though amazing marketing!  Horses also rock my boat; they are a huge passion of mine so you can see why i’ve incorporated the horse in my business.  My thinking time is with my horses!  My creative time!

So my question to you is “Do you have a sweet spot?”  Do you think all the time about doing something you really really love?  When I left my previous business it was a weight off my shoulders.  I liked being the MD of a manufacturing company, I learnt new skills but my passion and where my creativity grows is in marketing.  Its funny… that audio book inspired me so much I had to jump onto my mac and write a short blog!

Make yourself a Happy Warrior!