Diary of a Geospatial Marketer Friday 1st December 2017

A Life as a Geospatial Marketer


These videos are not edited – its just a diary…. so warts and all! Especially today..


Got my butt down to Geodata in London on Thursday 30th November to mingle with the Geospatial Industry. What a nice wee conference. Loved Martyn’s (from KOREC) presentation “What Next for the Geospatial Industry” and esp on Gartner Hype Cycle and an emphasis on GeoLocation!


Todays update is as follows:

  1.  Finished off the article for POB Magazine on the Buyers Journey – a hot topic for me at the moment as 1. its interesting and 2. no one does it! – well apart from my awesome clients, however defiantly a hard subject.
  2. Met the lovely Martin at GetMapping in London and bumped into Paul from 3DUsernet and chatted about the ‘buyers journey’.
    1. The problem we have nowadays is there are on average 6.8 people in the buying cycle that YOU have to deal with! Well… not just deal with but FIND, TALK TO and CONVINCE. Have a read here
  3. Finally… get yourself a copy of Ann Handley’s book on “Everybody Writes” – bloody awesome book. See Amazon

Enjoy peeps… Elaine