Content Marketing! Big deal!!!?

(By Elaine Ball)

The big buzz in the world of B2B marketing at the moment is “content marketing”. Big deal or is it?

I’m currently down at MarketingWeekLive in London: quite impressive actually, and the topic is hot here too.

We all know we must write specific stuff for our specific audience. But do we actually do it and do it well?

‘Write’ that makes your mouth water! And I don’t mean food! You must capture the wants and needs of your audience. Role play is always good here; put yourself in your customers shoes! Is it interesting and does it make you want to know more?

Latest research shows that good quality content attracts your followers; keeps them interested.

The most frequent content is used in blogs (da daaar), press releases and case studies BUT the most effective is in white papers (probably because its “scientific”), case studies (because its real!”) and videos! It’s not surprising videos are up there on the return on investment side. They are quick, easy to follow and can get your point across far easier then writting!

(note to self! Do more videos!)

Videos are also up 46% on last year and its only going to get better!!!

So, get the content flowing! Make it exciting, interesting and getting your audience wanting more!