ChatGPT and AI checklist:

ChatGPT and AI checklist:

✅ Don’t get left behind – it’s going to become your new best friend and will be a huge boost to your marketing, embrace it now

✅ Be specific with your query – asking it to write about surveying is too vague, asking it to write about surveying a rocky terrain will yield better results, the more specific the better

✅ Remember to review – it’s still very new so make sure you still check it’s accurate and right for your audience

Ball’s Golden Nugget; Time to test and learn!

  • The only way to truly understand what this AI business is about is to dive in and have a go!
  • Test it out with one of your upcoming content pieces, a LinkedIn post or even a blog article to see how it responds and teach it your way of speaking. The more it does, the more intuitive it gets and the content will just get better and better.


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