Brand Positioning! How do I know where my product is and how can I move it if it isn’t working?

Our customers know us as one thing; our competition think we are competition but we are not and we think we are going down this path but we aren’t….

Try this:

Start internally.  Ask your people (in all departments) what they think the benefits of your products are.  What do they think your customers thinks the benefits are?  What is your people’s perception on your product?  What do they think the talk is on your brand?  Where it sits in the market?  Document this.

Using a 3rd party (its more black & white); ask your customers what they think of your product.  What they perceive your product and brand offering is?  What’s the talk on the town on your product/ brand?

The answers will give your two (hopefully one) perspective of your brand position.  Where you sit in the market; what they think of you?

Now what?

Now you need to look at your content; what are you sending out into the market?  What are your brochures saying?  Are you sending over the right messages?  If your customers think one thing and you think another; you now have the evidence to change this via the content you are producing.

What are your thoughts?