Brand Awareness for Surveyors

How to build a Geospatial Brand that gets you leads – welcome to the onboarding review!

Brand Awareness for Surveyors Part 1 (Module 2)

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Firstly, what is an onboarding document? What is this all about?

An onboarding document helps you, your team, your suppliers and new employees become familiar with your organisation.  It is the process for understanding what you do, why you exist and what you need to think about moving forwards.  Helping to develop a strong purpose and strategy.  And of course, to implement it!   For me, it is imperative to get right!  If you are clear from the outset, your planning should be easier to implement!  Why?  Because you can see clearly what you do and why you do it. 

This is part one of the onboarding doc.  

 So let’s begin:


A bit about you – in order to set the context 



  • What do you do?
    • i.e. I’m a Land Surveyor in Texas.  I have a team of 5.  We specialise in Building Survey and Utility Surveys.  We would like to expand into other states.




  • What makes you different?
    • ie. We have the latest equipment.  Very fast and accurate laser scanning equipment, GPS and GPR.  We have a strong office team which means we are free to focus on the customer.  We get new jobs via recommendation.



What is your Value Proposition?  

Why should your prospects do business with you over your competitor?  It also explains CLEARLY the benefits of your services/ products in simple easy to understand lingo. 

Try it……


What are the Services or/ and products you offer?


  • ie. surveying complicated historic monuments, data processing of point cloud data, subsurface utility surveys, construction staking



What are your unique selling points? (that no one else has/ can offer like you!)

EXAMPLE:  We have a strong office team which means we are free to focus on the customer.  We get new jobs via recommendation but we need to grow profitably.


Let’s check out the competition

It’s important we know the competition. Including their strengths and weaknesses in order to better position ourselves. Competitors include but are not limited to: 



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SWOT analysis – By understanding your SWOT – will help you position yourself better!  By understanding where you ‘stand’ in the market will help you FOCUS.  This then will have an impact on your lead generation and therefore your sales!


Strengths – what are you good at?  This could be your people? Your products?  Your culture? Your philosophy 


Weaknesses – What are your weaknesses? What isn’t very good about you? Your product or service? This also could be your people, service, culture…


Opportunities – What opportunities are there in the market that you could take advantage of? Or What weaknesses do your competition have that you could take advantage of?


Threats What threats are there in the market?  From the competition? That you can’t control?


Target audiences

Who is your target audience?  Within your market, you will have groups of common buyers with common needs/ problems.  Spend some time reviewing these potential client audiences. 


Buyer Persona’s – need more help? BUY THIS BOOK or visit 

So you have identified your groups of potential clients with different needs?  Wants? Now to understand who are your main buyers.  This is known as BUYER PERSONAS.  By understanding the buyer, you can tailor your marketing to the specific audience you are trying to attract?  This is the foundation for getting your content and messages right!  To attract your right audience. 

Why creating Buyer Personas is so important in branding – FORBES


Example of a Survey Owner:

Buyer persona 1:  Survey Owner

Age: Mid to late 40’s-50’s

Gender: Male (unfortunately it’s male)

Job: Business owner, Director or Managing Director, owner of survey firm

Description: Our buyer is someone who runs or owns their own survey business, they are not necessarily involved with the day to day execution of work. Our buyer is more concerned about sales, longer term business strategy and ultimately the companies profit and loss. They don’t want hassle, stress or added workload but at the same time they are cautious of relying on others to do quality work.   Mid sized survey firm (15-25 people)


  • To Maximise Profit
  • Expand business opportunities
  • Stay ahead of the competition

Common Objectives

  • Already approved technology purchase
  • Have incomplete information
  • Technology is marginal or losing money already
  • Backlog is already too large to change process

Challenges & Pain Points


  • Already heavily invested in current solution
  • Suspicious of pitch as last salesman promised success
  • Relative removed from technology


Experience he wants


  • Wants to limit risk
  • Needs confidence in strategy


Value Proposition:  Increase in process productivity contributes dramatically to business opportunities and bottom line.



  • Dramatic increase in productivity lowers personnel costs
  • Business opportunity expanded in next generation areas


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What is this?

Each month I will be showcasing a specific topic.  July 2020 is all about Brand Awareness and how a Surveyor or Geospatial Tech Firm can grow their brand.  To accompany these posts, I will share with you specific documents which I use with my clients.  These are FREE!  Enjoy!