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Elaine Ball Technical
Marketing in a nutshell

Hey there. We’re Elaine Ball Technical Marketing (EBTM). We’re a hands-on marketing consultancy delivering and implementing technical marketing solutions for the global Geospatial Sector. Be it UAVs, Laser Scanners, GPS systems, INS, Robots, data processing software, project management tools, you name it, we can market it.

Spanning the Geospatial, Mining and Offshore sectors and beyond, our solutions deliver the kind of results that don’t just make you stand out from the crowd – they help you grow, and they make you profitable.

This is all thanks to our:

  • inside-out understanding of the challenges and nuances of the industry
  • huge network of contacts and ideal suppliers
  • sheer depth of industry and market knowledge
  • expertise of building strong and profitable businesses globally

Aren’t you glad you found us?

We understand survey because it’s in our blood! Elaine and Elly’s dad was a mine surveyor, hydrographer and innovator of laser survey equipment. As well as implementing a successful marketing strategy at MDL, Amanda is also married to a surveyor. So… if you cut us open – like a stick of rock, it would read ‘geospatial’

psssst… we use Riegl RiCOPTER drones. Check them out.

How did it all begin?

Founder and CEO, Elaine was born ready to help businesses grow and become profitable.

As Managing Director of Measurement Devices Ltd (MDL) from 2008 to 2012, she doubled sales, before working with her father and chairman to sell it to a FTSE 250 company in 2013.

She then saw a huge opportunity for dedicated marketing consultancy for the Geospatial Industry. An industry that’s technical and passionate, sure, but that lacks really great marketing know-how.

Results-driven marketing

EBTM’s raison d’etre for results-driven marketing was born. Forged from the team’s belief that every business in the Geospatial sector should benefit from:

  • great content and marketing training aids
  • great returns on their investment
  • assistance in building a strong and profitable global offering
  • our strength, passion and dedication

All from a team that is passionate and enthusiastic; for our fields of expertise, and for our clients’ businesses.

The Horse

In fact, a great many of Elaine, Amanda, Elly and Sarah’s personal influences have gone into the company, including the brand logo – a horse – embodying the strength, passion and determination in the company’s values and beliefs (and the ladies’ love for all things equestrian).

Who’s Who

Meet the team.

Elaine Ball, CEO & Chief Marketer

Mantra to live by: ``You have to be strong and determined to set up a company and continue to run a business. Business is not easy, passion is the key to keep it alight!``

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Amanda Bradshaw, Marketing Communications Director & Queen Implementer

Mantra to live by: ``Be helpful, face fear, learn from mistakes and then let them go, stay positive, always be thankful and never let go of the dream!``

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Sarah Rogerson, Accounts & Admin Specialist

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Elly Ball, Marketing & Media Specialist

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Some of our amazing Clients