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WELCOME to Elaine Ball Technical Marketing (EBTM) Ltd!


Who are we?


We are hands on marketers who understand lots about engineering type companies especially within the Geospatial Industry Globally.  We are smart ladies who get stuck into your strategic marketing all the way through to implementing it, if you want!  We are flexible and work with you to ensure your marketing gets results and makes you stand out from the crowd.  Just listen to what our clients say about us:


"Learnt something new about Market Segmentation and really enjoyed the enthusiasm brought by Elaine and Beth.  Thank you very much, we all enjoyed the day and got a lot out of it. It has given us some great ideas for taking the project forward" Oliver Viney, Atlantic Geomatics


“We recently had an excellent one day workshop with Elaine where we came away with many ideas and tools to proactively narrow our marketing focus. With her geospatial background, she easily learned about our business and customized the workshop accordingly. Her exercise on analyzing customer needs and segmenting them into groups for focused campaigns was particularly beneficial. She is organized, entertaining and has followed up with us to keep us moving along.”  Linda Dean Glover, Co-Owner VP/ Marketing & Sales at Electronic Data Solutions


“My staff and I worked closely with Elaine on a time sensitive Marketing Campaign for a new critical product release at a major International trade show.   Elaine and her team, despite being an ocean away, were both prompt and punctual on every scheduled phone call, every email, every meeting, every deliverable and met every deadline we had put forth. Elaine and her team did an excellent job of assisting us in a European market that was not our expertise to gain both awareness and visibility of our new product, I was not disappointed in the results. I would therefore, indefinitely, recommend Elaine because of the professionalism, enthusiasm and technical marketing ability Elaine brought to the table during this project.”  Nick Ackerson, Director, Global Marketing and Product Management at LTI



Why are we so good?

Firstly, we understand your pains, we have been in your position.  Our skills say it all.  We have run departments and worked our way up to board level. 


We would put our skills down as ‘stretchy’ because we have had our fingers in most pies when it comes to running a company.  While our main skill and focus is marketing and developing sales and brand awareness, we know its not just about that.  People, process and cash flow being the main culprits in business.  We could have gone down the route of Business Consultants but our passion for the marketing subject out ways the boring side, however it is not to be ignored!  It can’t be.


Our experience was within the laser manufacturing sector focsed on Geospatial, Mining, Offshore as well as Forestry, UAV and Military.  We know them!  You will be pleased to hear we get involved with many other types of sectors, so you could say we are ‘engineering’ junkies.

We have many skills within the company to help you with certain things, such as strategic direction, understanding the best customers to focus on right down to implementing that pain in the backside exhibition that you just don’t have time to do.  We can even help with one part of your marketing and business development process, if that’s what you want.

Our client base has grown since May 2013, we have a diverse client portfolio, from small one man band companies to companies turning over billions!  We are ‘different’ and work with you like we are part of your business.  The added bonus is you don’t have to put us on the pay roll nor pay for sick days or insurances etc.  Bonus ah!


We share our prices publicly! Click here!  We hate hidden costs Yuk! 


We do have campaigns running throughout the year, our latest campaign is Super Heroes, check this out here!


Our goal with any company is to have a long term working relationship with you.  However you are not chained down, it is all about partnerships and working together to get the best out of the business.  When you do well, we do well.  It is as simple as that!



See About EBTM for further insights

Outlined below is 'what we can do for you:'

  • EBTM work with you to develop Strategy; a roadmap for your company.
  • We can deliver a Plan of action and budget, giving you complete transparency of costs to implement sales and marketing plans. 
  • We can 'be your marketing department', executing the sales and marketing plan like we are employed by you (Implementation)
  • EBTM can train your existing team on marketing and sales techniques, on the job Training.  Thus keeping costs down and having a greater impact.
  • Special projects.  We can work with you to deliver 'special projects' such as rolling out 'global reseller networks'.  Supporting the sales team on improving 'sales leads'.
  • We work with you on where you are weak.

What are you looking for?

  1. We are looking to expand
  2. We want to diversify, grow and/ or change direction
  3. We want the best marketing expertise and knowledge
  4. We want marketing advice
  5. We want confidence in finding the right marketing consultant
  6. We want to improve internal knowledge without the cost of hiring
  7. We are looking to expand our marketing platforms eg. Social Media
  8. We are looking at expanding globally
  9. We are looking at strengthening distribution networks
  10. We are looking at branding and consistency
  11. We are looking at lead generation through effective marketing 
  12. We are looking at strengthening existing marketing teams
  13. We need advice on marketing budgets, spending effectively and measuring ROI

These are just some of the scenarios that EBTM can assist you with.


To be the No. 1 expert in Industrial Marketing for technical companies within the Geospatial Industry Globally.


Providing value to all companies within this sector. Helping build strong and profitable businesses Globally.




Elaine Ball says “I wanted to be flexible and able to customise and work closely with my clients, understanding their business thoroughly in order for me to inject my marketing creativity and expertise in order for my customer to be the best in their field.  Many engineering companies struggle with this and we at EBTM understand how to work with these businesses.” 

Amanda Finn, EBTMs Marketing Communications Director comments “Planning and Implementation is also key for companies to succeed, we provide hands on support in order to educate our clients and set them up to function without us” 

Marketing Strategy

Many companies continue down the same path and get the same result.  We can provide a strategic ‘big picture’ perspective on your strategy, help you devise a new one and / or build a new approach.  Due to the having in house expertise, we know how it works and the pitfalls for example how not to do M&As or Franchises.

You may also have a specific challenge to negotiate and benefit from an external viewpoint.  We are capable of helping you with any specific project.

Working with Geospatial, Mining & Quarry and Offshore Companies around the globe

Marketing Planning

The planning stage is critical.  We work with you and your marketing department to construct a full plan and activity planner.  The key here is communication internally as well as externally.  Again, we can work with you and your team on specific projects such as brand realignment or building your sales funnel and converting more leads.

Marketing Implementation

Implementation is the last, but not least, stage of the strategic plan.  What is very important here is your metrics.  You must measure your tasks.  The biggest failure with B2B marketing is failing to measure adequately and many companies are guilty of this.

We work with Geospatial, Mining & Quarry and Offshore companies to provide tailor-made support to the existing marketing team or individual.  Many departments need support in their current methods, a hands on approach and to learn new methods.  We provide in house mentoring or facilitation to help support this.

EBTM are highly qualified marketing professionals who are constantly training themselves, in order to provide you with the best advice and keep you one step ahead of the competition. 


Latest News

EBTM go crazy with focused blogs for the Geospatial Sector Globally.

EBTM go crazy with focused blogs for the Geospatial Sector Globally.

Elaine and her merry team of Geospatial Marketing Whiz kids will be pulling together a mixture of blogs related to branding Geospatial Companies, developing Geospatial sales leads, marketing communications for the Geospatial Sector and content generators. This is in demand from people asking lots of lovely yummy marketing and sales questions on ‘how-to-do-stuff’ related to this sector… so sit back, relax with a brandy and get those eye balls reading….

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EBTM Storm ahead with Twitter Chat for Geobusiness Exhibitors

EBTM Storm ahead with Twitter Chat for Geobusiness Exhibitors

Read all the tweets from yesterdays LIVE Twitter Chat hosted officially by Elaine Ball Technical Marketing Ltd (EBTM)

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Attention all Geobusiness Exhibitors. Time to get your name out there

Attention all Geobusiness Exhibitors. Time to get your name out there

The count down begins…… we will be hosting a LIVE Twitter Chat for all exhibitors exhibiting at Geobusiness 2016! WEDNESDAY 18th May at 4pm GMT. Be there or be square!

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EBTM awarded Social Media Contract with complete solutions provider to the Geospatial Industry, NEI

EBTM awarded Social Media Contract with complete solutions provider to the Geospatial Industry, NEI

Elaine Ball Technical Marketing (EBTM) Ltd, England, 21st March - EBTM a leading consultancy in technical marketing for the global Geospatial Industry, has been awarded a Social Media contract with Navigation Electronics, Inc (NEI) a complete solutions provider that sells, rents, leases and services mapping/ GIS and survey/ construction equipment from Trimble and other leading suppliers.

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Contract awarded by Langver Engineering, a leading designer and manufacturer of curtain tensioners

Contract awarded by Langver Engineering, a leading designer and manufacturer of curtain tensioners

Elaine Ball Technical Marketing Ltd (EBTM) has announced that they have been awarded a contract to deliver business and marketing services by Langver Engineering, a global designer and manufacturer of curtain tensioners.

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Major contract gain for Elaine Ball Technical Marketing

Major contract gain for Elaine Ball Technical Marketing

Harrogate, North Yorkshire, England. Elaine Ball Technical Marketing (EBTM) Ltd has won a sizeable contract with world leaders in professional laser rangefinders; Laser Technology, Inc., (LTI) headquartered in Colorado, USA.

08-08-2015 Read More



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