Geospatial & Technical Marketing Solutions

Marketing that gets results and makes you stand out from the crowd!

We are hands on marketers who understand lots about engineering type companies, especially within the Geospatial Industry Globally. We specialise in helping companies grow and become profitable, through strategic marketing and marketing communications.

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Who the heck are we?

We’re Elaine Ball Technical Marketing – an all-girl, crack commando unit of hands-on marketers. Our speciality? The global Technical marketing industry, including but not limited to engineering companies within the Geospatial, Mining, Oil & Gas and Construction sectors.

What the heck do we do?

We get stuck into your marketing, that’s what – from strategic direction, to planning through to implementation. We’re really flexible and work with you to ensure your marketing gets results and makes you stand out from the crowd. We work with your team; sales, software and even the cleaner if need be. The bonus with us is we work like we are part of your business. Focusing on what needs to be done! Warning: We are not like any other agency or consultancy! Be prepared!

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How do we do it?

First, we find out what you need! Be it; to increase sales leads, develop your brand, implement your socials, develop content or hold your hand on a product launch. We work with you to develop a strategy – a roadmap – for your company. Understanding your vision and where you want to go is very important for successful marketing implementation.

We get involved with tasks like budgeting, future planning, checking, organising are part of the process. We are transparent when it comes to costs working with several key suppliers like web developers, creative designers, copywriters and photographers. We also have a very large database of key publications within Geospatial, Mining, Oil & Gas, UAV, Forestry, Civils, Construction, you name it, we have it. Built up from years of being in manufacturing and selling into those sectors globally! We also work very close with some of these key publications. For example; we have worked with Micki Knight from Geoconnexion since the 90’s! Yikes! Back in the MDL days. Relationships are very important for success.

The companies that hire us, do so because they are wanting to:

  • Generate new leads through effective marketing
  • Understand the needs of their customers
  • Grow, diversify, change direction or even consolidate
  • Gain marketing advice, expertise and knowledge
  • Find the right marketing consultant who understands geospatial or technical speak
  • Improve internal knowledge without the cost of hiring
  • Strengthen distribution networks
  • Improve sales and marketing within their distribution network
  • Build and educate a distribution network
  • Rebrand for consistency
  • Improving existing marketing teams
  • Gel sales and marketing
  • Seek advice on marketing budgets, spending effectively and measuring ROI
  • Understand the ever changing world of the world wide web
  • Gain market share

In fact, we can be your ‘marketing department’; executing the sales and marketing plan as an extension of your team. Even giving on-the-job marketing and sales training to your existing team – delivering greater impact, for a lower cost. We work with marketing teams such as Ted from Certainty3D or Helen and Sarah at KOREC Group. Being that extension to their existing team.

Our Vision

A vision to be the No.1 expert in technical marketing for engineering companies within the geospatial industry globally. With a mission to add value to all companies within this sector and helping build strong and profitable businesses globally.

What makes us
so awesome?

We understand your pains
When it comes to running a company, we’ve had our fingers in most pies. We have run departments and worked our way up to board level. So believe us when we say that we’ve been in your shoes.

Our skills are what we like to call ‘stretchy’
We know it’s often about far more than developing sales and brand awareness. People, processes and cash flow are the real challenges in business and we can help you face them. All with a passion for marketing and a strong healthy grounding in business consultancy. See? Stretchy!

We’re ‘engineering’ junkies
With experience in the laser-manufacturing sector, we have an inside-out knowledge of the geospatial, mining, forestry, UAV, military and offshore sectors related to measurement – and we get involved in many others besides like construction. We have a long history in laser measurement and our families are a mixture of engineers, mine surveyors and chartered surveyors, hence the strong connection with Geospatial.

We have a diverse client portfolio
We work with businesses as an extension of their team. Whether they’re a small one-man-band, or turning over billions. All without the hassle of having us on the payroll or HR headaches like insurances and sick pay.

We share our prices publicly!
We’re not into being all cloak and dagger – we like transparency. You can see our pricing information here or ask our clients what they think of us

We value long-term relationships
We love long-term relationships, but that doesn’t mean you’re chained down. We believe in strong partnerships and working together to get the very best from your business. When you do well, we do well, it really is that simple.

We won’t try and confuse you with boring marketing jargon
Honestly, even we get fed up with marketers using the latest buzzwords, all it does is lead to misunderstanding, confusion, frustration and time lost. All of which become obstacles to teams making good work.

Why take our word for it! Here’s what our clients say:

“Learnt something new about Market Segmentation and really enjoyed the enthusiasm brought by Elaine and Beth. Thank you very much, we all enjoyed the day and got a lot out of it. It has given us some great ideas for taking the project forward.”

– Oliver Viney, Atlantic Geomatics

“We recently had an excellent one day workshop with Elaine where we came away with many ideas and tools to proactively narrow our marketing focus. With her geospatial background, she easily learned about our business and customized the workshop accordingly. Her exercise on analysing customer needs and segmenting them into groups for focused campaigns was particularly beneficial. She is organized, entertaining and has followed up with us to keep us moving along.”

– Linda Dean Glover, Co-Owner VP/ Marketing & Sales at Electronic Data Solutions

“My staff and I worked closely with Elaine on a time sensitive Marketing Campaign for a new critical product release at a major International trade show. Elaine and her team, despite being an ocean away, were both prompt and punctual on every scheduled phone call, every email, every meeting, every deliverable and met every deadline we had put forth. Elaine and her team did an excellent job of assisting us in a European market that was not our expertise to gain both awareness and visibility of our new product, I was not disappointed in the results. I would therefore, indefinitely, recommend Elaine because of the professionalism, enthusiasm and technical marketing ability Elaine brought to the table during this project.”

– Nick Ackerson, Director, Global Marketing and Product Management at LTI