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What Content When to Generate Sales

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What Content When to Generate Sales

The objective of this 45minute webinar with LIVE Q&A is to understand what content ‘when’ in the customer journey and what content does what to generate sales. It will leave you feeling excited about setting up a content marketing strategy for your Geospatial Business.

➡️ Are you confused about what content does what?

➡️ Are you always pestering your colleagues for more content but not sure what to ask for?

➡️ Is getting content like pulling teeth? (hard work)

➡️ Do you feel you are always behind compared to the competition when it comes to content marketing?


Join Elaine in today’s free webinar to get a taster of what great content looks like without breaking the bank. Elaine will discuss what content is and share with you; types of content with Industry examples.

➡️ What is content marketing 

➡️ Understand why content marketing should be at the core of your marketing and sales process!

➡️ Do we need content marketing in Geospatial? (does it work?) 

➡️ Overview of the entire customer journey. What it is and why you need to understand it for generating the right content when

➡️ Best types of content to use and when with industry examples

➡️ How to measure content marketing – what we do in Industry

➡️ Tips and Tricks to implement today!


Elaine and her team of Geospatial Marketers deliver FREE webinars each quarter: 


➡️ To uplift the Marketing knowledge in the Geospatial Industry therefore improving everyone! And to share with you 

➡️ The Geospatial Marketing Academy for Marketers (and those doing the Marketing for their Geospatial (and Survey business)

  • ✨Owners of Survey Companies✨Executive Management, VP level✨Channel Managers, Marketing Managers✨Marketing Assistants✨ Those doing the marketing function For Geospatial Resellers, Manufacturers, Engineering and Surveying Firms. 


13th October 5pm BST/ 11am CST/ 9am PST

“I would recommend all of you to come out of the shadows and use the skills of Elaine Ball, I did and I’m better for it”

Bryn Fosburgh, VP Trimble 


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