Marketing Implementation

Marketing Implementation for Geospatial Companies

Being your Geospatial Marketing Team and delivering exceptional Marketing to attract more customers!

What is Marketing Implementation?

Marketing Implementation is where we become your marketing team! Yep, you hire us to deliver your marketing objectives.  

You hire us because of our years of experience in marketing and most importantly the Geospatial Sector globally.  You are hiring a wealth of experience and knowledge.  Tried and tested methods. Thus reducing the learning curve and implementing the marketing process into your geospatial company.

What to expect?

Our contracts start on a four month period, why i hear you say?  Because a lot of the ground work goes into the initial plan at the start of the retainer – just think when you hire a person, there are a lot of questions and learning that needs to happen.  The first 4 months are critical for the plan to work, set the scene then start the execution.  Depending on the size of the project will depend on the start of the execution.  On Average we start implementing pretty quickly (within a month) 

What if we only need one part of marketing implementation, like help with Content Marketing?

Even if you only need content marketing for social media and brand building.  The contract is the same, focused on objectives, the plan is to reach those objectives as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Understanding the role of marketing implementer!

We at EBL still need to understand your business therefore we need to understand what you want to achieve with your retainer. Big or small, the process is the same.  Some businesses only want social media help and that’s is fine.  The aim is to set you up, build consistency adn get you to that goal.  

What do you do?

  • We start with an onboarding review, this helps us understand your business pretty quickly and help establish what you want us to implement for you.
  • We are not shy of saying what we think, so we will advise on the best course of action
  • We have worked in the Geospatial Sector for many moons and my Marketing Consultancy has been going for 8 strong years now, so we have many years of experience under our belt!  The good, bad and ugly and that is what you are paying for. 

Can you give me some examples of work you have done?

A Land Survey Company works on construction sites doing utility surveys as well as lots of other things.  They wanted to build their brand within their geographical region and wanted to expand their client base but didn’t know how. Their marketing was based on word of mouth but it wasn’t growing them to the next level.   

We focused on their most profitable and growth markets, devised a plan (which included a hand over with a marketing person within 12months) and executed it.  

Delivering a consistent social media content “based on problem solving” calendar to build brand awareness, a new website, implemented a Customer Relationship Management System and set up sales funnels to attract new prospects.  

The outcome

  • Content that was focused on the problem it solved which built trust and awareness of their business
  • Increased lead generation resulting in new contracts being awarded 
  • Education on what works in marketing for them and a hand over on what to continue doing 

How long was the contract period?


What are they doing now?

  • Hired an intern to take over the implementation
  • Still use us for mentorship and consultancy 

How much does this cost?  

One of the first questions potential Geospatial Companies ask me is ‘how much is this going to cost me Elaine?’ This is a very hard question, let me explain why it is hard to answer;

If you hired a marketing person to do the implementation, say a Marketing Executive with 2 years of experience in marketing (maybe not in Geospatial or experienced in this industry) they would cost you around £25k per year (see REED) ($40k USD per year – see plus holidays, sickness, training, etc  

That is approx £2k a month full time ($3300USD ) (lets say).  You will need to spend some time training them on the company, the market and the products/ services you offer.


A purchase of a marketing retainer with us will depend on the size of the goal.  What are you wanting to do?   

If you are a surveyor, you may go on ‘how many days’ it will take you to deliver the project and you may put in a few extra £££ or days, just in case there are different scenarios ie. problem with access or utility strike delaying the project.  You will price your project on experience (you know what works and what not to do) and your superior track record.

This is the same with our retainers but instead of focusing on days, we go on objectives.  Bring certain people in to help on the contract – so you have everyone from Strategic to implementor level.  


Basic scenario – creating copy and implementing to socials


  1. Onboarding – details about the company, goals etc
  2. Monthly planning and research
  3. Goal and objective setting
  4. Working and leasing with team (including meetings)
  5. Implementing, approval process
  6. Reporting on metrics (sales pipeline)

£3,000 per month + vat (if applicable) + minimum contract 4 month

Invoiced upfront monthly

All our retainers get an on-boarding and off-boarding document


For example; we work with one company to build their brand, write their content marketing and improve their sales leads.  This retainer is £4,800 + vat per month

 Why price on marketing objectives vs days?

  1. Some months we may do more hrs then previous months – this is the nature of Marketing implementation (just think how busy you get when you book a show/ exhibition)
  2. Some tasks required more hrs due to the nature of the task ie. content creation then uploading and checking
  3. The client can get distracted with ‘shiny object’ syndrome thus taking the plan off course, by having a focus on a goal, everyone can stay on track
  4. Objectives makes both parties (us and the client) accountable to the objective

What happens at the beginning of a marketing contract?

  1. We meet and discuss what you wish to achieve with us?  Set the scene. 
  2. We conduct an onboarding review of your business in order to pick out the best route to meet that goal.
  3. We confirm your goal and set some realistic objectives to meet – based on 6-12months (even if the contract is short we have a goal in mind)
  4. We devise a plan and key objectives you wish to meet and these come with metrics so you can see progress
  5. Hiring us to implement your marketing will also require work from you too.  Marketing is a process and we have years of experience implementing plans for Survey companies and Geospatial Equipment manufactures so will educate you in the process along the way.

Elaine’s team is constantly supporting our company’s social media communications and have great instinct for content that keeps our subscribers engaged

Jennifer TrianaProcessing Software Manager, TopoDOT, Florida, USA
Thank you Janeale and Elaine for what you guys have done for us.  John and myself greatly appreciate it.  I feel we have a stronger presence on our Social media and usually a new lead starts off with “I saw your post on LinkedIn about…..”  So It is definitely bringing people to us.  And of course we strive to have a good message behind our posts in order to be more engaging and informative.  We have gotten requests to be speakers at conferences now so the reach is starting to extend well beyond New Mexico.  Right now we are consistently locking in bigger contracts with bigger margins!!!  Woop Woop!   Now to maintain this machine and keep making it stronger everyday!!
David Acosta, PSPresident CSTi, NMSU Adjunct Instructor, NSPS Committee Chairman

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