Marketing Implementation

Marketing Implementation for Geospatial Companies

Being your Geospatial Marketing Team and delivering exceptional Marketing to attract more customers!

What is Marketing Execution?

As of January 2020 – we decided to change the way we do business!  You need marketing help?  You may need a type of marketing help like Content Creation or Social Media, or a combination of things.

Life has also changed quite a bit for the World due to Coronavirus.  Companies have to think differently!  Think Safe and think ‘how’.  In April we saw plenty of Geospatial firms jumping onto the Webinar bandwagon.  Those lucky enough to get their ‘foot-in-the-door’ first like Point Cloud Processing Firm TopoDOT saw exceptional numbers on their Webinars!  As of today; people are inundated with free webinars #boring!  Marketing changes and it is how you adapt to these changes to build your client base! Even more so now!

So going back to Marketing Execution and how we have changed our model!  Our NEW Way is to be more flexible for you!  With advice from us, you can pick and choose what you spend your hard earned cash on! Our new way is based on time and for us, that is awesome!  We are super speedy without loosing the quality element.  You can ask our clinets!

So let’s begin….

Do these relate to you?

  • I am a land surveyor and need more customers, but how do I attract more?
  • I sell survey tools to Surveyors but how do I get them to come to me vs my competitors?
  • I am a hydrographer, I know I need to use LinkedIn, but how?
  • I manufacture drones, how can I make the Survey community more aware about my products?
  • I see some people like Surveying with Robert using YouTube – how can I do something like this to get more customers?
  • Can Social Media attract more clients? How?
  • What types of marketing thingies (platforms) work for the Geospatial Community?
  • Should I spend money on Google Adwords?  If so, how will it help get me more customers?  I don’t want to waste my money!
  • How can I grow my Survey company?
  • How can I improve the quality of my customers?
  • How can I attract the right customers?
  • I need some help with structuring my social media, its not working for me!
  • I’m rubbish at writing but great at Surveying, how can I make this better?
  • We manufacture point cloud processing software, how can we get more sales leads through our website?
  • Our website sucks… what messages do we need on there to attract the right client?
  • Does my website work?  I don’t know?!
  • We are Surveyors who specalise in Building Information Modelling (BIM) but we are not Marketers, we are Surveyors!  Help?
  • We want our market to know we are the best at Point Cloud Processing?  How?

These are all relevant and valuable questions.  The next step now is to figure out what you have, what works and what doesn’t.  Then write up a plan of action!

This is where we come in…..

For example; A Land Survey Company; works on construction sites doing site layouts and boundary surveys as well as lots of other things.  Needs a website that will attract the right kind of client and uses LinkedIn and Instagram to share stories.  Knows that there social media is weak and isn’t sure what to write on the website. HELP?

The outcome: to build this land Survey Companies BRAND so it is known for doing site layouts!  SIMPLE! She says…

After coming up with a plan of activities they wished to use, the execution part is the ‘doing’ part.  First rule of thumb; keep-it-simple!

At Elaine Ball Ltd – we take the hassle out of Marketing Implementation.  We know our stuff!  We know Geospatial – by combining the two, we are the perfect combination for any Survey or Geospatial Technology Firm.  So get in touch with Elaine today – just ask!

“We at Elaine Ball Ltd aka a bunch of Geospatial Marketing Geeks – will help structure and deliver your marketing for you!”

Elaine’s team is constantly supporting our company’s social media communications and have great instinct for content that keeps our subscribers engaged

Jennifer TrianaProcessing Software Manager, TopoDOT, Florida, USA
Elaine Ball has been working with WipWare Incorporated since January 2014, and was tasked with re-establishing a strong distributor network globally. Enhancing WipWare’s social media presence, improving communication between WipWare headquarters and distributors, and creating a reporting process to identify sales trends internationally are a few of the many items that Elaine has excelled at accomplishing throughout her time with WipWare. She has been instrumental in bridging information gaps between distributors and the company, finding and utilizing various ways of communicating successfully with these distributors.

Elaine is ambitious, effective, and loves challenges.

It is with the aforementioned information that I would recommend Elaine to any company looking to bolster its distributor network, enhance or introduce social media marketing tools, and vastly improve internal communications throughout the sales process.

Mark WagnerSales Manager, Wipware, Canada (2014)

How much does Digital Marketing Execution Cost?

Prices are as follows:

UK Companies

  • Retainer price: £600 GBP + Vat per day + Expenses
  • Expenses are charged at cost +10%
  • Minimum 5 days per month
  • Based on ACTIONS
  • Minimum contract 3 months

Outside UK/ Overseas Companies

  • Retainer price per month:  $700 per day + expenses
  • Expenses are charged at cost +10%
  • Minimum 5 days per month
  • Based on ACTIONS
  • Minimum contract 3 months

How does EB spend our money?

We will work with you to ensure the money is allocated wisely, making sure we get the best cost for your business. Working directly with suppliers means we remove the hassle for you. We already have them sourced.  Every cost will be documented and must be signed off by the company before commitment from us – i.e. advertising in GIM with a budget of $25k.  We can also work with your suppliers, there is no commitment to work with ours.  We just try and take away the hassle.

Inspirational marketing people and companies to follow

  • Ian Cleary and his amazing social media business Razor Social
  • Content Marketing Evangelist Joe Pulizzi
  • Social Media Examinar Mike Stelzner
  • The Queen of Facebook Mari Smith
  • The Pool Guy Marcus Sheridan
  • Carla Johnson the whizz B2B Marketer and co-author of EXPERIENCES: THE &TH ERA OF MARKETING
  • Dave Reibstein, Dean of Marketing at Wharton Uni and Co-author of Marketing Metric (and Elaine’s mentor)
  • Buyer Personas – the awesome book on how to focus on the right customer by Adele Revella
  • Jonah Berger the Best Selling Author of CONTAGIOUS – a MUST read on HOW things catch on… (Psst… Jonah loooooovvveeeesss Bianchi Bikes)
  • Engineering Marketer Rebecca Geier and her awesome book SMART MARKETING FOR ENGINEERS
  • The awesome inspiring Ann Handley and her amazing book on Everybody Writes

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