Social Media Execution

Planning, writing and executing your social media

Implementing Consistent, Timely and Valuable Content to your Target Audience

What is Social Media Execution?


  • Are you struggling to get business value out of your social media efforts?
  • Would you love your social platforms to help generate sales leads?
  • Do you need some advise on social media for your Geospatial Business?
  • Do you need some structure on your social media presence?
  • Do you need help executing your content calendar?  (eeerr what is a content calendar Elaine?)
  • Do you need help setting up or managing your socials?
  • Do you need advice on which social platforms to go with?
  • Do you need to understand how social media can help your business?
  • Do you need to know how social media will bring you more profitable clients?
  • Would you like to know how social media helps build your brand, which helps attract more of the right clients?

Elaine and kick ass genius Elly will help structure, deliver, write and formulate your content to help attract and build on your brand awareness.

12 month retainer contracts are:

UK:  £1,155 + vat per month

Rest-of-world (ROW) $1,870 USD per month

Elaine’s team is constantly supporting our company’s social media communications and have great instinct for content that keeps our subscribers engaged

Jennifer TrianaProcessing Software Manager, Certainty3D, Florida, USA
Elaine Ball has been working with WipWare Incorporated since January 2014, and was tasked with re-establishing a strong distributor network globally. Enhancing WipWare’s social media presence, improving communication between WipWare headquarters and distributors, and creating a reporting process to identify sales trends internationally are a few of the many items that Elaine has excelled at accomplishing throughout her time with WipWare. She has been instrumental in bridging information gaps between distributors and the company, finding and utilizing various ways of communicating successfully with these distributors.

Elaine is ambitious, effective, and loves challenges.

It is with the aforementioned information that I would recommend Elaine to any company looking to bolster its distributor network, enhance or introduce social media marketing tools, and vastly improve internal communications throughout the sales process.

Mark WagnerSales Manager, Wipware, Canada (2014)

How much does Social Media Execution Cost?

The monthly retainer is £1,150 + vat GBP/ $1,870 USD per month

Minimum contract 12 months

This does not include any social advertising.

How does EBTM spend our money?

We will work with you to ensure the money is allocated wisely, making sure we get the best cost for your business. Working directly with suppliers means we remove the hassle for you. We already have them sourced.  Every cost will be documented and must be signed off by the company before commitment from us – i.e. advertising in GIM with a budget of $25k.  We can also work with your suppliers, there is no commitment to work with ours.  We just try and take away the hassle.

What is involved?

  1. We start by defining what you want to achieve, setting some realistic and timely objectives.
  2. We will set up a google drive for your content calendar, which means everyone involved can access the latest content
  3. We use a ‘colour’ coded sign off procedure, which mean not matter where you are in the world, you can sign off using colour blocks on the spreadsheet – this makes life very easy and we know if the content has been approved or not.
  4. We will work with you and your team to segment your content into content buckets, which means ‘focused’ content days
  5. We will educate you in the content plan
  6. We will educate you on what success looks like with your social platforms
  7. We will set up Hootsuite (preferred social media platform for managing social media) to monitor progress, posts and interactions – everything under one roof
  8. We will write up your content calendar 1 month in advance and get your thinking ahead in order to become better at planning which equals more consistent posting
  9. We will also advise on changes
  10. We will report on stats each month, showing you what is working and what is not

Inspirational marketing people and companies to follow

  • Ian Cleary and his amazing social media business Razor Social
  • Content Marketing Evangelist Joe Pulizzi
  • Social Media Examinar Mike Stelzner
  • The Queen of Facebook Mari Smith
  • The Pool Guy Marcus Sheridan
  • Carla Johnson the whizz B2B Marketer and co-author of EXPERIENCES: THE &TH ERA OF MARKETING
  • Dave Reibstein, Dean of Marketing at Wharton Uni and Co-author of Marketing Metric (and Elaine’s mentor)
  • Buyer Personas – the awesome book on how to focus on the right customer by Adele Revella
  • Jonah Berger the Best Selling Author of CONTAGIOUS – a MUST read on HOW things catch on… (Psst… Jonah loooooovvveeeesss Bianchi Bikes)
  • Engineering Marketer Rebecca Geier and her awesome book SMART MARKETING FOR ENGINEERS
  • The awesome inspiring Ann Handley and her amazing book on Everybody Writes

Some of our amazing Clients

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