Successful marketing takes time!

We have put a lot of consideration into our packages and the first thing we say to clients is “there is no quick fix” when it comes to marketing and those that say there is, are probably just after your money!

Successful marketing takes time:

Time to understand your customers, to draft creative and appealing communications, write a plan with measurable results, plan fully integrated communications plans, cultivate leads and then implement all the actions and measure it is actually working.

Below outlines all our marketing packages. We have tried to make it simple and easy to understand with no hidden costs. If you are on a tight budget and like what you read, feel free to contact us via email for further information on how we can work with you on specific projects.

Hat’s off to Elaine Ball Technical Marketing Ltd. Not only was the training informative but, it was eye opening. Elaine customized our marketing plan for our particular needs and we realized what our actual focus for marketing in different verticals should be. Very interactive. A class act organization
Todd SleezerGeospatial Sales Manager at Precision Midwest, USA

Our Marketing Packages


Elaine will work with you to deliver a tailor made Strategic Marketing and/ or Focused Subject Workshop, that is all about your business needs. Be it strategy or subject focused workshops (content to produce more profitable marketing and sales qualified leads) to metrics.

Each workshop is customised to meet your specific requirements.  If you have any questions just shout

UK companies

  • Workshops & Focused Subject Workshops £1,375 GBP + vat + expenses (per day) + expenses charged at cost + 10%
  • Public Workshop Groups (Min 8 seats) at £250 per person

Outside UK

  • Strategy Workshops & Focused Subject Workshops at $2,420 USD + expenses (per day)
  • Public Workshop Groups (Min 8 seats) at $450 per person + expenses charged at cost + 10%
Elaine and her colleagues are all very professional and very approachable. The course itself was very informative and each section was explained in good detail
Andrew LarchGM at CD Surveys, UK


We work with you as part of your team on specific tasks.  Below highlights some of the packages however each are customized to meet you exact requirements.   Talk to us today to find out more

Implementation – Retainer Option 1

Experts @ hand – we become your marketing team

We know how hard it is to implement an effective marketing communications plan.  We know the pit falls and hidden problems to planning and execution.  Sometimes you just need some support and we can provide that through ‘joining’ your team or be your team.  We know the industry, so we can slip into what you are doing quite easily.  You don’t have to worry about PAYE or insurances or all the things that come with employing etc.  We have it all covered.  This option is our main package, covering what you need in order to get the job implemented.

We work with you to highlight your key milestones for the year, this is important in order for us and you to know ‘where’ you are heading and if we have reached those goals.  Next we iron out a plan of action for 6-12months.  We all stress the importance of proactive marketing planning and we get you into the mind-set of this from the beginning.

We report on your objectives and overall stats every month by producing a detailed report.  This makes sure we are both on track and highlights anything we feel is important to discuss.

You are assigned to an account leader who will work with you direct.  Our trusted suppliers and co-workers have worked with us for a number of years, even back in the old MDL days.  We have kissed many frogs to get our princes! This package has access to all our team and experts from board level experience to implementation.


A Marketing Director in North England would be on average. £70k

A Marketing Manager in North England would be on average. £42.5k

For salary comparison checks see

UK Companies

  • Retainer price per month: £2,820 GBP + Vat + Expenses
  • Expenses are charged at cost +10%
  • Minimum contract 6 months

Outside UK/ Overseas Companies

  • Retainer price per month:  $4,560 + expenses
  • Expenses are charged at cost +10%
  • Minimum contract 6 months

What is a retainer?

The AIM of the retainer is to support, develop and improve. Here are some thoughts…

  • Support Current Marketing.  Support the current marketing team with the aim to ‘focus’ full marketing efforts on a geographical location or product offering.  It’s important that any marketing communication implementation ‘integrates’ with the current marketing execution, thus streamlining the whole process.
  • Develop Brand Awareness leading to Sales.  To develop brand awareness.  The aim is to attract, retain and convert visitors to sales leads, developing a database of contacts.  The ultimate aim to gain market share.
  • Advice.  Advise on best course of action for the company to take moving forwards; from a strategic marking point of view.  Work close with your team in order to gain momentum in execution.
  • Measure in order to tweak.  Develop objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs) in order to monitor and track progress and give the company visibility on what works and what doesn’t in the overall marketing process. This is key for spending cash on the right stuff.

So, we can be as involved as you wish… Here are the bullets:

  • Initial investigation, building up knowledge of the business
  • ​Full marketing and comms plan
  • Activity planner
  • Full budget
  • Full implementation of the plan
  • Weekly updates via phone, Skype or in person
  • Monthly marketing reports | monthly/ qty meetings
  • Research, advice and metrics/ ROI

What’s the ultimate aim?


My staff and I worked closely with Elaine on a time sensitive Marketing Campaign for a new critical product release at a major International trade show. Elaine and her team, despite being an ocean away, were both prompt and punctual on every scheduled phone call, every email, every meeting, every deliverable and met every deadline we had put forth. Elaine and her team did an excellent job of assisting us in a European market that was not our expertise to gain both awareness and visibility of our new product, I was not disappointed in the results. I would therefore, indefinitely, recommend Elaine because of the professionalism, enthusiasm and technical marketing ability Elaine brought to the table during this project
Nick AckersonDirector, Global Marketing and Product Management at LTI

Implementation – Retainer Option 2

Digital Marketing Package

We have devised this package to focus on a specific subject. While we would love to implement all your marketing and preach about full ‘integration’ for your best return on investment, sometimes you just need a focused hand.


What does it include?

  • Full digital marketing plan and budget
  • Management of social media platforms
    • LinkedIn
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Instagram
    • YouTube
    • Etc at business discretion
  • Website development and advice (any development costs to the site will be priced separately or discussed with your current supplier)
  • E-mail marketing; using tools like MailChimp etc

UK Companies

  • Retainer price: £500 GBP + Vat + Expenses
  • Expenses are charged at cost +10%
  • Minimum 5 days per month
  • Based on ACTIONS
  • Minimum contract 3 months

Outside UK/ Overseas Companies

  • Retainer price per month:  $650 per day + expenses
  • Expenses are charged at cost +10%
  • Minimum 5 days per month
  • Based on ACTIONS
  • Minimum contract 3 months

Implementation – Retainer Option 3

Social Media and Content Management

Social Media is growing at a phenomenal rate with the Internet set to grow by over 500% by 2020, that’s a lot of noise out there!  We are savvy when it comes to Social Media, attending key conferences around the world and mingling with the experts in order to provide you with latest, greatest and most practical.  Making sure you are on your game, leading people back to your website and improving your sales leads.  This package involves setting objectives, managing your content and being pro-active as well as report writing and showing you what is working and what is not!

What does it include?

  • Set up of agreed social media platforms
  • Management of platforms
  • Agreed content plan
  • Implementation of all activity
  • Organisation of any advertising on platforms
  • Report of stats (if access to GA has been given)

UK Companies

  • Retainer price per month: £1,155 GBP + Vat + Expenses
  • Expenses are charged at cost +10%
  • Minimum contract 6 months

Outside UK/ Overseas Companies

  • Retainer price per month:  $1,870 + expenses
  • Expenses are charged at cost +10%
  • Minimum contract 6 months

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