How would you like to increase sales quickly by enhancing enquiry quality?

Learn a proven secret formula for growing your geospatial business!

This 45 minute webinar will give you the ammo required to set your business up for success.

-Are you struggling to get leads?

-Don’t know what steps to take in order to attract new clients?

-Struggling to think of powerful content?

-Stuck spinning plates and don’t know what to do?

-Your market doesn’t know who you are or what you offer?

-You are not consistent in your messaging?

As the owner;
-It will give you an understanding on the marketing to sales process
-If you have a team; you will see what your team needs to do to improve the sales process from a marketing perspective
-This will help reduce wasted marketing efforts esp time!

As a sales manager;
-It will help you understand how marketing can improve your sales lead funnel
-How to produce high quality sales leads that are qualified and what that means
-This will reduce time wasted trolling through unqualified leads

As the person doing the marketing;
-This is an ideal workshop to understand what great looks like with real examples (Survey and Geospatial)
-How to replicate it in your organisation with tried and trusted methods from the Geospatial Industry
-It will give you the confidence to execute
-The workshop will show you how to measure what works and what doesn’t
-How to build fans not followers and convert fans to leads from social media
-How to qualify leads from Exhibitors and shows
-This will help you tweak your next campaign and improve your overall marketing plan

1. Surveyor Owners running a survey business
2. People executing marketing activities in their geospatial tech /survey business

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How would you like to increase sales quickly by enhancing enquiry quality?

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“I would recommend all of you to come out of the shadows and use the skills of Elaine Ball, I did and I’m better for it”

Bryn Fosburgh, VP Trimble 

“Elaine is great at working with start-ups, as she injects positive energy in offering marketing knowledge, marketing communications, marketing reports, and activity planners. There will be no room for failure!”

Chim Moore- Moore Equipment Sales (MES)