Spread the word

Spread the word: lets get the kids involved in the Geospatial Industry

Spread the word; lets get the kids involved in the Geospatial Industry

In 2015 RICS reported over 85% of UK Surveyors said that they experienced recruiting problems due to lack of qualified applicants.  POB Magazine in America reported a shortage of surveyors full stop!  The International Federation of Surveyors (FIG) and The National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS) both launched ‘Young Surveyors Networks’, supporting surveyors aged 35 years and under, however there is a much more basic challenge to be had: starting with the kids (aged 13 and under).  

I’ve made it my mission to help RAISE the standards in the Geospatial Industry Globally.  Part of my mission is attract young blood, over the course of the next 6+months, we will be helping to build awareness of the survey industry globally by delivering fun interactive educational content for the young generation (Generation Z (1996 – 2010) and Gen Alpha (2011-2025).

We NEED YOUR HELP,  Survey mam’s and dad’s to the rescue. We need your help to spread the word and help us formulate a plan of action to continue to build awareness.  

To start with, my young ‘ginger gadget gal’ is here to help spread the word. However the poor lass has no name!  

What name shall we give her?


Get your kids involved – spread the word.  

Over the next few months Ginger Gadget Gal will be helping build brand awareness to the young pups (kids & teenagers), her first mission will be at The Survey Association  Conference November 8th 2017.   She needs a name!  Can you help?

Goodies to follow!

Follow her journey on:







Comment in any of the social media platforms where “Ginger Gadget Gal” is located and use hashtag #GeoGinger (So we can find you!)

The winner will be chosen at the Survey Association Conference

Places to 5th place

Winning kids receive goodie bags, map books and fun educational geospatial stuff

Get your child involved today!

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  • Our background is in survey equipment, so we know the industry very well
  • We understand the terminology
  • We work globally with 90% of our client base in USA
  • We have a massive network of contacts

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