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Here’s what you’ll learn in this FREE workshop!

  1. As a business owner:
    • You’ll understand the marketing-to-sales process including how revenue is generated
    • You’ll see how important marketing is in generating growth
    • You will see how your team (if you have one) can improve the sales process, from a marketing perspective
    • You’ll reduce marketing waste – especially costs and time!
  2. As a sales manager:
    • You’ll have a better understanding on how marketing is more than the colouring in department
    • You’ll learn to generate high-quality geospatial sales leads that are qualified (and what that means)
    • You’ll see how marketing can improve your geospatial sales lead funnel
    • You’ll cut the time you spend trawling through unqualified leads
  3. As the person doing the marketing:
    • You’ll see “what great looks like”, with real examples from both survey and geospatial
    • You’ll see how marketing supports more sales leads faster!
    • You’ll learn to replicate ‘great’ in your own organisation, with tried and trusted methods from the geospatial industry
    • You’ll build your confidence to get on and make things happen
    • You’ll learn what and how to measure – what works, what doesn’t
    • You’ll understand why you need to build fans. not followers, and then convert them into sales leads
    • You’ll be able to qualify geospatial leads from exhibitions and trade shows
    • In summary, you’ll know how to tweak your next campaign and improve your overall marketing plan!

This FREE workshop is for:

  • Owners of survey companies
  • Managers in survey firms
  • Marketing personnel, or people doing the marketing for their survey buisness
  • Directors of equipment manufacturers or their resellers
  • Managers (sales, general or marketing) of equipment manufacturers and their resellers

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