Online Workshops

Online sales & Marketing coaching based on 6 key modules

Focused on your business, Elaine will deliver one-on-one sales and marketing coaching that candidates can execute immediately. Text Elaine on +44 (0)7825517850

What are online workshops and what do they involve?

Elaine has rolled out brand NEW online workshops for

  • Owners/ director of survey companies
  • Sales and Marketing personnel of survey companies
  • Sales candidates who want to understand how marketing helps deliver more qualified sales leads
  • Sales people who wish to know the secrets of marketing and how to find new clients (build new market share)
  • Owners/ Director and senior managers of survey equipment dealerships
  • Marketing Managers who need one-on-one support
  • Owners and Managers of manufacturing companies who need support with dealer networks

There are 6 core modules at £250/ $330 per module per person (one-on-one) 

Additional person + £50/ $80 per module

Candidates have access to Elaine anytime for clarification, checking and further questions during implementation


Email elaine on elaine @ or WhatsApp Elaine on + 447825 517850  for a chat

psst… we can customise these online workshops too – just shout!


What’s involved?

Modular based coaching workshops using Skype and/ or GoToMeeting.  The following subjects are covered and we can customise them to suite your individual needs.  We have formatted them to start from top to bottom in order for you to get a deep understanding and learning of the overall process.

  • 1. Aligning Business and Marketing Strategy – the foundation of successful Marketing Communications Implementation
    • Understanding how marketing fits with business strategy
    • Why a vision is important even for the short term
    • How marketing fits with sales and visa versa
  • 2. The importance of Marketing Planning and objective setting
    • Setting out a plan in order to be more efficient, reduce burning cash and improving sales leads
    • How sales and marketing fit together and why!
  • 3. Tools in your tool kit – reviewing the right tool kit for your Geospatial business
    • Everything from exhibitions, PR, advertising, digital marketing, socials, email marketing etc “you name it, we cover it!”
  • 4. Content to produce more profitable marketing and sales qualified leads (MQL & SQL)
    • How to write content that attracts the right kind of customer?
    • Understanding how campaigns work
    • Writing content to build an audience
    • Writing content to attract more profitable customers
  • 5. Social Media Review – understanding and reviewing social platforms to help spread the word, build brand, improve sales and marketing leads
    • LinkedIn/ Instagram/ Twitter Facebook for Surveyors
    • LinkedIn/ Instagram/ Twitter Facebook for Manufacturers (software and hardware)
    • LinkedIn/ Instagram/ Twitter Facebook for Dealers
  • 6. Metrics – focused on how and what to measure for ROI
    • Do you know which platforms, tools are giving you a good return on investment?
    • Understanding how to measure and what to measure
    • Reviewing and understanding market share (how to integrate with finance)
Elaine and her colleagues are all very professional and very approachable. The course itself was very informative and each section was explained in good detailed
Andrew LarchGeneral Manager, CD Surveys
Our Channel Relations Team engaged Elaine to run Strategic Marketing workshops for our distributors around the globe. She used simple yet powerful methods to impart knowledge on market segmentation that applies to our industry. She was always full of energy and engaged her audience very well! It was a very lively session with lots of interaction. We walked away with valuable insights and actionable plans.
Sook Yee LohExperienced Channel Program Manager Trimble (2016)
Elaine is great at working with start ups as she injects positive energy in the following areas: Offering Marketing Knowledge, Marketing Communications, Marketing Reports, Activity Planners. Most importantly, she is will put together a strong and effective business strategy document such that if followed and implemented there will be no room for failure!!!! A great force to recon with.
Chim MooreTelplus Communications (Zambia) Ltd
Elaine recently conducted a Workshop for my team and it was truly a well thought out and engaging day. She managed to get us thinking about a whole host of ideas that will benefit our team and our business. It was so good that Elaine is coming back to do another day in the near future!
Helen GilmartinGroup Marketing Director, KOREC Group

How do you benefit?

  • Individuals will be able to execute the learning immediately
  • Individuals will have access to Elaine on Skype, WhatsApp, Text, email, phone, on twitter, LinkedIn for added support and questions
  • The online workshop is delivered via Skype and/ or GoToMeeting therefore no travel expenses incurred
  • The course can begin at your earliest convenience and fit into your schedule
  • One-on-one coaching or small groups benefit from interaction direct with Elaine
  • Meeting recorded for reviewing and further education
  • Initial interview to understand the business is provided before workshops begins – making sure Elaine has a clear idea on the business needs and the content is focused on the company
  • Safe, secure and confidential

Why choose Elaine?

  • Highly experienced – from board (C-Suite) level, right down to planning projects and implementing plans.
  • 20 years in the industry
  • Energetic and enthusiastic
  • Understands the Geospatial Industry
  • Huge network of contacts and suppliers

Click here to read her LinkedIn Profile

How much will this cost me?

It’s simple……

6 core modules at £250GBP / $330USD per module per person (one-on-one)

Additional person + £50/ $80 per person per module

Inspirational marketing people and companies to follow

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  • Content Marketing Evangelist Joe Pulizzi
  • Smart Marketing for Engineers by the wonderful Rebecca Geier
  • Social Media Examinar Mike Stelzner
  • The Queen of Facebook Mari Smith
  • The Pool Guy Marcus Sheridan – believe me, you will want to SEE THIS DUDE IN ACTION!
  • Carla Johnson the whizz B2B Marketer and co-author of EXPERIENCES: THE 7TH ERA OF MARKETING
  • Dave Reibstein, Dean of Marketing at Wharton Uni and Co-author of Marketing Metrics
  • Buyer Personas – the awesome book on how to focus on the right customer by Adele Revella 
  • Jonah Berger and Best Selling Author of Contagious (Psst… Jonah loooovvveesss Bianchi bikes)
  • Engineering Marketer Rebecca Geier and her awesome book SMART MARKETING FOR ENGINEERS
  • The awesome inspiring Ann Handley and her amazing book on Everybody Writes

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